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The challenges met in 2023 have underscored the value of our diversified business model. Our investments in public-private partnerships, particularly in the Middle East, and our ventures in real estate, as well as infrastructure and utilities in western Europe, have shown resilience, continuing to deliver positive performance despite adverse conditions.

Johan Beerlandt

Executive Vice-Chairman

Moving forward, we will selectively engage in projects that meet our risk and profit expectations, focusing on sectors where we have demonstrated excellence and continuing to invest in our core
areas – real estate, concessions, and specialised engineering and construction activities – while remaining adaptable to market dynamics. We’re also venturing into new areas closely tied to our expertise, especially those related to combating climate change, leveraging our capabilities to make a meaningful impact.

Pierre Sironval



Milestones 2023

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  • January 2023

    The sustainable smart office building ICÔNE is inaugurated after 2.5 years of construction. This new icon in Belval is a development of BESIX RED and was built by LuxTP and BESIX (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg).

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  • February 2023

    BESIX and BESIX Environment successfully test a tower crane on green hydrogen at the BESIX Equipment Department’s site in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw (Belgium).

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  • March 2023

    The new headquarters of subsidiary Socogetra, built by subsidiary Wust, are inaugurated in Marche-en-Famenne, in time for Socogetra’s 75th birthday (Belgium).

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  • April 2023

    The BESIX Group Global Safety Time Out takes place with a focus on the BE SAFE principles, on all BESIX sites around the world. More than 21,500 employees of BESIX and subcontractors participate.

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  • May 2023

    The ground-breaking ceremony takes place at the Nordhavn Tunnel project in Copenhagen, officially marking the start of construction (Denmark).

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  • June 2023

    In Dubai, the Shindagha Corridor is reopened to traffic further to the completion of works on two flyover bridges with six lanes in each direction, a one-lane ramp, and a two-lane tunnel (UAE).

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  • July 2023

    The Abidjan Exhibition Centre is inaugurated in the presence of Ivorian officials (Ivory Coast).

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  • August 2023

    Subsidiary Vanhout delivers a new state-of-the-art wooden cycling track in Heusden-Zolder (Belgium).

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  • September 2023

    The new Royers Lock pumping station near the Port House of Antwerp is officially inaugurated. It was realised in a one-stop shop approach by BESIX, BESIX Unitec, BESIX Environment, and BESIX Infra (Belgium).

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  • October 2023

    BESIX Watpac welcomes Her Royal Highness Princess Astrid of Belgium to the Barangaroo metro station project in Sydney (Australia).

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  • November 2023

    The 180-tonne pyramidion is hoisted on top of the masthead of the Kangaroo Point Green Bridge, making this the tallest bridge in Brisbane (Australia).

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  • December 2023

    As the third year of construction comes to a close, the BERERIX joint venture – involving BESIX, Rizzani de Eccher, and SIA RERE BŪVE – successfully installs the first arch for the roof structure of the Rail Baltica Central Station in Riga, visually marking the highest point of the station at almost 30 metres (Latvia).

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Creating Value

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  • Value Engineering

    BESIX Engineering is the dedicated design arm of BESIX, enabling the company to
    deliver bespoke solutions and project optimisation directly to its clients while ensuring agility within its business operations. The exceptional service quality provided by BESIX Engineering is powered by a team of more than 150 skilled engineers located in Brussels, Dubai, and Brisbane, each an expert in their domain. Read more

  • Engineering Sustainable Value across the Value Chain

    BESIX supports its clients in the decarbonisation journey across the entire value chain, through Early Contractor Involvement, Life Cycle Analysis, data-driven processes, the use of decarbonised materials, the use of low-emission equipment, modular and circular construction, and the development of smart buildings. Read more

  • Focus on People

    A global player like BESIX Group, with its diverse cultures across continents, manages to attract and maintain top talents by crafting a supportive and warm atmosphere where growth and success are within everyone’s reach. BESIX Group puts a deliberate emphasis on encouraging personal development, opening doors to new opportunities, and offering a secure environment for trying new things and exchanging ideas. Read more

  • Fair Labour Standards

    BESIX Group strongly believes in everyone’s right to dignity and respect. It is firmly committed to the human rights and well-being of all employees and workers employed by BESIX Group, regardless of age, disability, gender, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion, political opinions, or beliefs. This concerns the BESIX Group entities worldwide, as well as all its subcontractors and suppliers. Read more



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Meeting tomorrow’s challenges

Meeting tomorrow’s challenges

Excel in creating sustainable solutions for a better world.

Thrive as a sustainable and highly integrated full-ser- vice provider, with construction at its heart, by offering its clients, in the various markets it operates, value-adding and pioneering solutions and by excelling in delivery, thanks to all group capabilities and trusted partnerships.

Strategic framework
BESIX is a people-first organisation that values unity, improved governance, and a lean organisational structure. As a contractor at heart, BESIX has successfully diversified in the past into exciting new ventures such as Real Estate, Concessions, Operations & Maintenance – and continues to do so. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, the group is always on the lookout for new diversifications that align with its core competencies.

Strengths, Corporate Values & Behaviours


  • 01 Committed staff members
    At BESIX, employees are more than just a team – they are a community of passionate professionals united by a strong culture of excellence. With a deep sense of commitment, responsibility, and an insatiable appetite for challenge, BESIX employees deliver exceptional results for their customers, both as a team and as individuals. What sets BESIX teams apart is their unwavering entrepreneurial vibe, which drives everything they do. From start to finish, they put their heart and soul into every project, ensuring that clients receive the very best.
  • 02 In-house engineering
    The BESIX in-house design office is what sets the group apart from the competition. The in-house office leverages its technical expertise, vast experience, and innovative solutions to support clients in developing and executing their most complex infrastructure and sustainable projects. The in-house design office is committed to offering global solutions with exceptional added value from the initial tendering phase to the planning phase and project completion. Its experts work tirelessly to deliver results that exceed expectations, deliver true value to clients, and build a sustainable future.
  • 03 One-stop shop over the value chain
    BESIX is a full-fledged services company that operates on the whole value chain. While construction is still its core business, the group’s investments in concessions and start-ups, real estate, and specialised activities have grown steadily. BESIX can rely on a vast and diversified expertise to take on projects from financing to design and construction to long-term maintenance. Through leveraging this diversified expertise, business lines are able to offer bespoke one-stop shop solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of their clients, while also remaining their primary point of contact throughout the entire process.
  • 04 A targeted and sustainable international presence
    Since 1909, BESIX Group has opted for a deliberate and sustainable strategy with a focus on establishing a strong inter- national presence on five continents, in addition to its already extensive coverage in Belgium. By pursuing opportunities that align with its risk management requirements, the company is able to diversify its operations while maintaining a long-term perspective in these various geographical areas.

Corporate Values

  • Unity
    This value underscores the significance of cultivating a sense of unity and cooperation among all employees. It urges colleagues to collaborate towards a common objective, supporting each other in reaching that goal. By fostering an inclusive culture and mutual respect, employees are encouraged to embrace unity and work together for shared success.
  • Passion
    This value ignites a drive for employees to dare and accomplish great, sometimes unprecedented, feats. It nurtures an environment of enthusiasm and commitment, motivating staff members to take pride in their work and pursue excellence in all endeavours. Additionally, it cultivates inspiration and motivation, propelling innovation and progress within the group.
  • Respect
    With over 86 nationalities and a diverse workforce, BESIX Group values and respects the contributions of each individual. This core value emphasises the importance of acting with integrity and professionalism consistently, showcasing a strong commitment to ethical conduct and responsible business practices.
  • Co-creation
    BESIX Group boasts colleagues with exceptional expertise in their respective fields. By sharing and combining this knowledge, remarkable solutions are devised for clients’ projects, as evidenced by BESIX’s global accomplishments. This value encourages a culture of collaboration, illustrating that, in terms of expertise, one plus one amounts to much more than two!
  • Excellence
    BESIX’s success stems from its teams’ expertise and their unwavering pursuit of quality, performance, and client satisfaction. Cultivating and transferring this level of excellence is the essence of interpersonal connections within the group. It serves as the foundation for intergenerational unity and a prerequisite for nurturing and developing talent.


  • Be Inclusive
    Inclusion is a core principle, intrinsically tied to the value of respect. It guarantees fairness, equal opportunities, and an open-minded approach towards all colleagues, regardless of their backgrounds, beliefs, or lifestyles.
  • Eagerness
    BESIX’s long-term success in its industry and beyond hinges on its eagerness to seek innovative ways of increasing efficiency and embracing new ventures and business opportunities.
  • Take Ownership
    Employees are empowered to take action, encouraged to assume responsibility, and utilise their talents to their full potential. This is directly connected to the entrepreneurial spirit that underpins BESIX’s century-long spirit.
  • Trust
    In line with its entrepreneurial nature, the group’s business units and entities maintain a high degree of autonomy and employees enjoy substantial empowerment. Trust is a fundamental aspect of BESIX’s operations, acting as an extension of respect and achievable through well-defined expectations and objectives.
  • Engaged Teams
    Every BESIX employee is part of a team, with clear shared and individual objectives, and has opportunities to grow according to their potential and personal motivations. Training, progression, and internal mobility are available to all and highly encouraged.
  • Resolve Together
    United by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, BESIX’s team members are known for their unwavering commitment to providing solutions, utilising the remarkable internal resources at their disposal. Both collectively and individually, they draw upon their successes and learn from setbacks, harnessing these experiences to achieve outstanding outcomes for their clients.

Value Creation Model

Macro trends

  • Environmental emergency

    Driven by environmental regulations and consumer demands, the construction industry is increasingly adopting green technologies and sustainable materials to balance ecological concerns with long-term efficiency.

  • Technological evolution

    Construction 4.0 revolutionises efficiency and safety through the adoption of technologies like BIM, AI, and IoT, becoming essential for competitive edge and value realisation.

  • Urbanisation and smart Cities

    The rise of smart cities demands innovative solutions for sustainable urban development, enhancing infrastructure and public services for growing populations.

  • Supply chain disruption and material innovation

    Faced with global supply chain disruptions, the industry is prioritising resilience through local sourcing and the innovation of sustainable materials.

  • Regulatory changes and compliance

    Evolving regulations in safety, environmental protection, and labour practices necessitate continual adaptability in compliance strategies within the industry.

  • Labour shortages and workforce development

    The industry addresses labour shortages by enhancing workforce development and adopting technologies to attract a diverse and younger workforce.

  • Competitive landscape

    Economic uncertainties and public budget constraints are driving the industry towards strategic operational adjustments and increased reliance on public-private partnerships to manage risks and governance.


  • Clients, partners, subcontractors, and suppliers

  • Institutions and regulatory bodies

  • Employees, future hires, academics, and students

  • Investors, shareholders, and financial institutions

  • Social partners, unions, and employee representatives

  • Environmental and societal actors, NGOs, federations, and think tanks


  • Human and intellectual capital

    • 10,382 employees
    • BESIX Academy devoted to internal training
    • 100 % of staff members have access to training
  • Industrial capital

    • More than 1,000 project sites in 26+ countries
    • Several industrial sites (steel and rebar workshops, quarries, asphalt and ready- mix concrete plants, bitumen production plants)
    • €300 million worth of equipment and machinery to cater to complex marine and infrastructure works
  • Real estate capital

    • Portfolio of €4.3 billion in market value
    • Totalling 950,000 m2 under development
  • Procurement capital

    • €2+ billion procured annually at Group level
    • 22,000 active vendors across the globe
    • 80+ frame agreements with vendors
  • Financial capital

    • Stable shareholding structure based on a historical reference shareholder base
  • Social & environmental capital

    • Leading the way in certification and labels
    • Level 5 on the CO2 ladder for BESIX Europe and 11 affiliates or subsidiaries
    • EcoVadis Silver Medal
    • ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 19650-2: 2018 and ISO 45001: 2018
    • IOSH Managing Safety and Working Safely Licence
    • International Framework Agreement on Fair Labour Standards

Value Creation

  • Human and intellectual value

    • 1,300 recruitments in 2023
    • Top Employer in Belgium for 5th year in a row in 2024
  • Environmentally responsible projects

    • BESIX’s sustainability experts accompany the design, procurement, and execution of assets to achieve certification levels such as BREEAM, LEED, Passive Buildings, etc.
    • BESIX has delivered one of the largest hybrid-timber office buildings in the world in The Netherlands
    • BESIX is progressively electrifying its corporate and equipment fleet in Europe
  • Financial contribution

    • €3,391 million of revenues
    • €18 million of net result
    • €5,091 million in order book
  • Innovation

    • 7 ongoing partnerships with start-ups in current PropTech portfolio
    • Will secure participation in a European PropTech VC fund by the summer of 2023
    • Several academic partnerships with leading universities
  • BESIX Foundation

    • 390 solidarity projects funded since the creation of the foundation in 2009
    • 20,000+ volunteers involved since the creation of the foundation
    • Projects mainly funded in Belgium and Africa
    • Projects funded around construction, education, and environment
value creation model


Sustainability & ESG



Guided by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), BESIX strategically selects key targets to drive impactful progress.

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Double Materiality Assessment

In line with the CSRD and ESRS guidelines, BESIX conducted a comprehensive 'Double Materiality Assessment' to identify the ESG priorities for both the group and its stakeholders.

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The group contributes to society's transition to a low-carbon economy, with a focus on carbon management and circular economy initiatives. It offers innovative solutions to clients, enhancing environmental performance and advancing sustainable projects.

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BESIX prioritises safe and decent working conditions for employees and subcontractors, both on and off site. The group actively engages with stakeholders and participates in community initiatives to support and improve local communities.

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Key Projects

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  • All
  • Buildings
  • Infrastructure
  • Marine works
  • Industry & Logistics
  • Environment
  • Sports & leisure
  • BESIX Invest
  • Real Estate
  • Saint-Denis Pleyel Station, Paris (France)

    The Saint-Denis Pleyel station, which is currently under construction in northern Paris by Société des Grands Projets, is part of the new Grand Paris Express metro network. Saint-Denis Pleyel is an essential component of the network that will provide better service to the Great Metropolitan region around the French capital. In the run-up to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, the station will play a crucial role in serving the major venues.

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  • Guggenheim Museum, Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)

    BESIX Middle East is proud to be at the forefront of creating the Guggenheim Museum in Abu Dhabi. This monumental museum, designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry, will not only transform the cultural landscape of the United Arab Emirates but also showcase BESIX Middle East’s expertise in delivering complex and innovative construction projects.

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  • F Tower, Abidjan (Ivory Coast)

    At the initiative of the Ivorian Ministry of Construction, Housing, and Urban De-velopment, in partnership with PFO Construction, the project's developer, BESIX is actively involved in erecting the 74-story F Tower in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Re-sponsible for both structural works and site management, BESIX ensures seam-less execution.

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  • James Cook University Engineering and Innovation Place, Townsville (Australia)

    BESIX Watpac delivered the Engineering and Innovation Place for James Cook University as a leading-edge building for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) disciplines amidst the landscapes of tropical North Queensland.

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  • Huccorgne Viaduct, Liège Province (Belgium)

    The Huccorgne viaduct, located on the E42/E25 motorway between Liège and Namur, is a crucial part of the E42 motorway, linking the west and east of the Walloon region, across Belgium. The comprehensive rehabilitation project was carried out by BESIX and its partner, on behalf of SOFICO and the Service Public de Wallonie Mobilité & Infrastructures.

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  • Abobo Tunnel, Abidjan (Ivory Coast)

    The Abobo Tunnel project, situated in the bustling city of Abidjan in Ivory Coast, symbolises how strategic infrastructure development can enhance urban mobility and accessibility. This project is a part of the larger Abobo Town Hall roundabout initiative, designed to improve traffic flow in this major residential and commercial area inhabited by over one million people.

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  • Hydropower Plant, Nachtigal (Cameroon)

    Along the Sanaga River, about 65 km from the capital Yaoundé, BESIX spearheads the civil works for the Nachtigal Hydropower Plant. The project, constructed in collaboration with partners NGE Contracting (France) and SGTM (Morocco), is one of the most significant public-private partnerships in Africa. The Nachtigal hydroelectric project will cover an impressive 30 % of Cameroon’s energy needs, with a production capacity of 420 MW.

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  • Oxagon Marine Project, Port of Neom (Saudi Arabia)

    The Oxagon project is an ambitious endeavour that exemplifies BESIX Middle East’s unwavering commitment to excellence in marine works. Focused on modernising and expanding port infrastructure, the Oxagon project is set to play a pivotal role in facilitating the transportation of goods by large and medium-sized container ships, feeder ships, and bulk carriers in the region.

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  • Portonave Port Infrastructure, Port of Navegantes (Brazil)

    In August 2022, Portonave awarded BESIX and Empresa Construtora Brasil (ECB), part of Mota Engil, the EPC contract to enhance its port infrastructure within the Port of Navegantes in Brazil. The project involves constructing a new quay wall in the same location as the existing structure, whilst maintaining port operations.

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  • Armoured Fighting Vehicle Facility Programme LAND 400, Adelaide (Australia)

    Construction has concluded on a state-of-the-art defence infrastructure facility aimed at supporting, sustaining, and training Australian Army personnel in the operation of the next generation of Armoured Fighting Vehicles. This project also marks an extension of BESIX Watpac’s involvement in the LAND 400 programme.

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  • PALLAS Reactor, Petten (The Netherlands)

    Subsidiary Franki Grondtechnieken and BESIX Nederland have been entrusted with the excavation work for the construction pit of the PALLAS reactor building in the Petten dunes in North Holland. The new reactor will ensure a reliable supply of medical isotopes for the 30,000 patients who depend on these every day.

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  • Axis Alexandria, Sydney (Australia)

    Axis Alexandria is a multi-level industrial facility consisting of nine units, currently under construction by BESIX Watpac. Requiring significant design engineering and incorporation of advanced technologies, each unit includes a light-duty car park for each office, heavy-duty hardstands, and a composite structure multi-level warehouse, with a two-storey office and solar power.

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  • Hyoffwind, Zeebrugge (Belgium)

    BESIX, BESIX Environment, and John Cockerill Hydrogen Belgium have signed an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) contract with the client Virya Energy (generation and sale of renewable energy, Colruyt Group), to design and build a facility to convert renewable electricity from the offshore wind parks in Zeebrugge into green hydrogen.

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  • GMHBA Stadium Stage 5 Redevelopment at Kardinia Park, Geelong (Australia)

    The Kardinia Park Stage 5 Redevelopment by BESIX Watpac will increase the GMHBA stadium’s capacity to 40,000, further cementing its status as Australia’s largest-capacity sporting and entertainment venue in regional cities.

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  • Antwerp Police Force’s new HQ (Belgium)

    The new Antwerp Police building is BESIX’s largest PPP-building project in Belgium and boasts specific features tailored to the unique day-to-day police activities, as well as several sustainability features. BESIX is now in charge of its operations and maintenance for 25 years.

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  • Waste-to-Energy Plant operated and maintained by the Shou’alah JV, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

    In the heart of Dubai, Shou’alah, a joint venture between BESIX in the Middle East and Hitachi Zosen Inova, plays a pivotal role in the operation and maintenance of the Dubai Waste-to-Energy facility, revolutionising waste management while contributing significantly to Dubai’s sustainability goals, and the broader UAE vision for a greener future.

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  • Sewage Sludge Treatment Plant, Ghent (Belgium)

    The contract for the design, construction, financing, and maintenance until 2046, of the sewage sludge processing installation in the Port of Ghent for water-treatment company Aquafin has been awarded to the BESIX-Indaver consortium. The plant will recover energy from the wastewater of 4 million citizens in Flanders.

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  • ICÔNE office building, Belval (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg)

    The ICÔNE office building in Belval, covering an area of 18,800 m² and designed by the British architectural firm Foster + Partners and Beiler François Fritsch, was developed by BESIX RED and built by BESIX and LuxTP.

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  • Lighthouse and Anthea, Brussels (Belgium)

    These two renovation projects demonstrate BESIX Real Estate Development’s commitment to developing properties that have a minimal environmental impact. As a responsible and ambitious actor committed to shaping a sustainable and innovative future through its developments, BESIX RED aims to benefit the planet, the local community, and, of course, its clients.

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Key Figures

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  • Evolution of revenues (IN MEUR)

    Evolution of revenues <small>(IN MEUR)</small>
  • Evolution of order book (IN MEUR)

    Evolution of order book <small>(IN MEUR)</small>
  • Revenues by region (2023)

    Revenues by region <small>(2023)</small> 3,391 MEUR
    • Belgium 40 %
    • The Netherlands, Luxembourg & France 15 %
    • Middle East 11 %
    • Australia 25 %
    • Rest of the world 9 %
  • Order book by region (AT 31/12/2023)

    Order book by region <small>(AT 31/12/2023)</small> 5,091 MEUR
    • Belgium 34 %
    • The Netherlands, Luxembourg & France 23 %
    • Middle East 13 %
    • Australia 18 %
    • Rest of the world 12 %
  • Revenues by area of activity (2023)

    Revenues by area of activity <small>(2023)</small> 3,391 MEUR
    • Building works 46 %
    • Infrastructure 26 %
    • Marine works 2.5 %
    • Roads & utilities 11 %
    • Other 14.5 %
  • Order book by area of activity (AT 31/12/2023)

    Order book by area of activity <small>(AT 31/12/2023)</small> 5,091 MEUR
    • Building works 44 %
    • Infrastructure 27 %
    • Marine works 9 %
    • Roads & utilities 9 %
    • Other 11 %

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