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In 2022, contractors and developers like us have struggled to navigate the challenging mix of high inflation, steep interest rate hikes, and decelerating growth. Undeniably, we have not been spared but our diversification strategy has proved again its relevance as we end the year with a record order book and improved profitability.

Johan Beerlandt

Executive Vice-Chairman

Turning to 2023, we stay selective and only engage in projects with well-balanced risks and healthy margins. We focus on expansion in areas and sectors where we have a solid track record and added-value potential. At the same time, we keep investing in sectors where we already have a presence, like real estate, concessions, regional and specialised activities.

Pierre Sironval



Milestones 2022

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  • January 2022

    BESIX-Six Construct delivers the Infinity Bridge to Dubai’s Road & Transport Authority. Its 42-metre steel arch represents the symbol of infinity, while the 12-lane, 295-metre-long bridge connects the districts of Al Shindagha and Al Ras, over the Dubai bay (UAE).

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  • February 2022

    BESIX begins building Triangle’, a 180-metre-tall tower set to be the third tallest in central Paris and designed to comply with the BREEAM ‘Excellentand HQE Exceptional environmental certifications (France).

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  • March 2022

    BESIX RED and AG Real Estate complete the sale of the emblematic and sustainable office project ICÔNE to AG Insurance in Belval (Luxembourg).

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  • April 2022

    The Sludge-to-Energy plant designed and built by BESIX-Six Construct in Ajman starts generating electricity.  This plant transforms sewage sludge into biogas and then renewable energy – a first for the region (UAE).

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  • June 2022

    The King Albert II Institute, which BESIXs affiliate Wust is building in Brussels, is inaugurated in the presence of King Albert II himself, former King of the Belgians and father of the current King Philippe (Belgium).

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  • July 2022

    Sluishuis, the iconic landmark in Amsterdam, is delivered after four years of construction. With its famous cantilever-shaped silhouette, this striking building developed by BESIX RED and built by BESIX is already an icon in the citys skyline (The Netherlands).

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  • August 2022

    Cargo vessels start using the wharf built by the BESIX-Vancouver Pile Driving joint venture in Kitimat (Canada).

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  • September 2022

    The navigation channel through the Vistula Spit peninsula is officially opened, marking the end of the project for BESIX and joint venture partner Grupa NDI (Poland).

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  • October 2022

    The Sanaga River is successfully diverted on the Nachtigal hydroelectric project before the start of the rain season (Cameroon).

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  • November 2022

    World premiere for building site equipment: BESIX successfully operates an electric crawler crane for 10 working hours, unplugged, on the A16 ‘De Groene Boog’ project site (The Netherlands).

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  • December 2022

    BESIX Watpac breaks ground on the Garden Drive Microsoft Data Centre. Located in Tullamarine, the Garden Drive Microsoft Data Centre is one of three new-generation data centres currently under construction in Melbourne, designed to meet the growing digital demands of Australian communities (Australia).

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Creating Value

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  • Value Engineering

    BESIX Engineering is the exclusive in-house design office of BESIX Group. It enables BESIX Group to offer its clients tailor-made solutions and optimisation for their projects, whilst also maintaining a strong reactive business model. Over the years, thanks to the active contribution of BESIX Engineering, BESIX Group has conceived and constructed first-class port terminals, cutting-edge civil engineering works, and complex high-rise buildings. Read more

  • Innovative and Sustainable Technologies

    BESIX has always had a culture of promoting and adopting innovative technologies and techniques, positioning itself at the forefront of the construction industry. This has enabled BESIX to develop and integrate new competencies within its technical and engineering teams, particularly in areas such as asset management, offsite construction, digitisation, energy efficiency, circularity, and sustainability. Read more

  • People

    Attracting and retaining the best people is the key to success. How can an employer like BESIX Group, spread over continents and cultures, stand out from the crowd? By creating a nurturing and caring environment where everyone has the opportunity to grow and excel. Read more

  • Fair Labour Standards

    Together with unions, local authorities and international organisations, BESIX Group has set a precedent in respecting and promoting fair labour practices in the Middle East, a commitment that is now widely acknowledged, by foreign states, international institutions, and non-governmental organisations. Read more


Strategy & ESG

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Meeting tomorrow’s challenges

Meeting tomorrow’s challenges

Excel in creating sustainable solutions for a better world.

Thrive as a sustainable and highly integrated full-ser- vice provider, with construction at its heart, by offering its clients, in the various markets it operates, value-adding and pioneering solutions and by excelling in delivery, thanks to all group capabilities and trusted partnerships.

Strategic framework
BESIX is a people-first organisation that values unity, improved governance, and a lean organisational structure. As a contractor at heart, BESIX has successfully diversified in the past into exciting new ventures such as Real Estate, Concessions, Operations & Maintenance – and continues to do so. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, the group is always on the lookout for new diversifications that align with its core competencies.

Strengths, Corporate Values & Behaviours


  • 01 Committed staff members
    At BESIX, employees are more than just a team – they are a community of passionate professionals united by a strong culture of excellence. With a deep sense of commitment, responsibility, and an insatiable appetite for challenge, BESIX employees deliver exceptional results for their customers, both as a team and as individuals. What sets BESIX teams apart is their unwavering entrepreneurial vibe, which drives everything they do. From start to finish, they put their heart and soul into every project, ensuring that clients receive the very best.
  • 02 In-house engineering
    The BESIX in-house design office is what sets the group apart from the competition. The in-house office leverages its technical expertise, vast experience, and innovative solutions to support clients in developing and executing their most complex infrastructure and sustainable projects. The in-house design office is committed to offering global solutions with exceptional added value from the initial tendering phase, to planning phase, to project completion. Its experts work tirelessly to deliver results that exceed expectations, deliver true value to clients, and build a sustainable future.
  • 03 One-stop shop over the value chain
    BESIX is a full-fledged services company that operates on the whole value chain. While construction is still its core business, the group’s Concessions & Assets, Real Estate Development, and Specialised activities have grown steadily. BESIX can rely on a vast and diversified expertise to take on projects from financing to design and construction to long-term maintenance. Through leveraging this diversified expertise, business lines are able to offer bespoke one-stop shop solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of their clients, while also remaining their primary point of contact throughout the entire process.
  • 04 A targeted and sustainable international presence
    BESIX Group has opted for a deliberate and sustainable strategy with a focus on establishing a strong international presence on five continents, in addition to its already extensive coverage in Belgium. By pursuing opportunities that align with its risk management requirements, the company is able to diversify its operations while maintaining a long-term perspective in these various geographical areas.

Corporate Values

  • Unity
    This value underscores the significance of cultivating a sense of unity and cooperation among all employees. It urges colleagues to collaborate towards a common objective, supporting each other in reaching that goal. By fostering an inclusive culture and mutual respect, employees are encouraged to embrace unity and work together for shared success.
  • Passion
    This value ignites a drive for employees to dare and accomplish great, sometimes unprecedented, feats. It nurtures an environment of enthusiasm and commitment, motivating staff members to take pride in their work and pursue excellence in all endeavours. Additionally, it cultivates inspiration and motivation, propelling innovation and progress within the group.
  • Respect
    With over 86 nationalities and a diverse workforce, BESIX Group values and respects the contributions of each individual. This core value emphasises the importance of acting with integrity and professionalism consistently, showcasing a strong commitment to ethical conduct and responsible business practices.
  • Co-creation
    BESIX Group boasts colleagues with exceptional expertise in their respective fields. By sharing and combining this knowledge, remarkable solutions are devised for clients’ projects, as evidenced by BESIX’s global accomplishments. This value encourages a culture of collaboration, illustrating that, in terms of expertise, one plus one amounts to much more than two!
  • Excellence
    BESIX’s success stems from its teams’ expertise and their unwavering pursuit of quality, performance, and client satisfaction. Cultivating and transferring this level of excellence is the essence of interpersonal connections within the group. It serves as the foundation for intergenerational unity and a prerequisite for nurturing and developing talent.


  • Be Inclusive
    Inclusion is a core principle, intrinsically tied to the value of respect. It guarantees fairness, equal opportunities, and an open-minded approach towards all colleagues, regardless of their backgrounds, beliefs, or lifestyles.
  • Eagerness
    BESIX’s long-term success in its industry and beyond hinges on its eagerness to seek innovative ways of increasing efficiency and embracing new ventures and business opportunities.
  • Take Ownership
    Employees are empowered to take action, encouraged to assume responsibility, and utilise their talents to their full potential. This is directly connected to the entrepreneurial spirit that underpins BESIX’s century-long spirit.
  • Trust
    In line with its entrepreneurial nature, the group’s business units and entities maintain a high degree of autonomy and employees enjoy substantial empowerment. Trust is a fundamental aspect of BESIX’s operations, acting as an extension of respect and achievable through well-defined expectations and objectives.
  • Engaged Teams
    Every BESIX employee is part of a team, with clear shared and individual objectives, and has opportunities to grow according to their potential and personal motivations. Training, progression, and internal mobility are available to all and highly encouraged.
  • Resolve Together
    United by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, BESIX’s team members are known for their unwavering commitment to providing solutions, utilising the remarkable internal resources at their disposal. Both collectively and individually, they draw upon their successes and learn from setbacks, harnessing these experiences to achieve outstanding outcomes for their clients.

Value Creation Model

Macro trends

  • Technological evolution

    Digitalisation, artificial intelligence, parametric design, smart building, etc.

  • Environmental emergency

    Energy efficiency, energy transition, circularity of materials, etc.

  • Competitive landscape

    Risk sharing, stressed supply chain, skilled labour shortage, building material price hikes, etc.

  • Demographic growth and urban densification

    Growing demand for affordable housing, modular construction, etc.


  • Clients, partners, subcontractors, and suppliers

  • Institutions and regulatory bodies

  • Employees, future hires, academics, and students

  • Investors, shareholders, and financial institutions

  • Social partners, unions, and employee representatives

  • Environmental and societal actors, NGOs, federations, and think tanks


  • Human and intellectual capital

    • 12,063 employees
    • BESIX Academy devoted to internal training
    • 100 % of staff members have access to training
  • Industrial capital

    • More than 1,000 project sites in 25+ countries
    • Several industrial sites (steel and rebar workshops, quarries, asphalt and ready-mix concrete plants, bitumen production plants)
    • 300 million euros worth of equipment and machinery to cater to complex marine and infrastructure works
  • Real estate capital

    • Portfolio of 3.9 billion euros in market value
    • Totalling 1+ million m² under development
  • Procurement capital

    • Majority of suppliers signatories of the Code of Conduct for Responsible & Sustainable Procurement
    • 2+ billion euros procured annually at Group level
    • 40,000+ suppliers across the globe
  • Financial capital

    • Stable shareholding structure based on a historical reference shareholder base
  • Social & environmental capital

    • Leading the way in certification and labels
    • Level 5 on the CO₂ ladder for BESIX Europe and 11 affiliates or subsidiaries
    • EcoVadis Gold Medal
    • ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 19650-2: 2018 and ISO 45001: 2018
    • IOSH Managing Safety and Working Safely Licence
    • International Framework Agreement on Fair Labour Standards

Value Creation

  • Human and intellectual value

    • 1,000 recruitments in 2022
    • Top Employer in Belgium for 4th year in a row
  • Environmentally responsible projects

    • BESIX’s sustainability experts accompany the design, procurement, and execution of assets to achieve certification levels such as BREEAM, LEED, Passive Buildings, etc.
    • BESIX is building one of the largest hybrid-timber office buildings in the world in The Netherlands
    • BESIX is progressively electrifying its fleet; in 2022 an electric crawler crane has worked unplugged for 10 hours on end without intermediate charging on an infrastructure project in The Netherlands
  • Financial contribution

    • 3,338 million euros of revenues
    • 40 million euros of net result
    • 5,259 million euros in order book
  • Innovation

    • 7 ongoing partnerships with start-ups in current PropTech portfolio
    • Will secure participation in a European PropTech VC fund by summer 2023
    • Several academic partnerships with leading universities
  • BESIX Foundation

    • 360 solidarity projects funded in 13 years
    • 13,000+ volunteers involved over the last decade
    • Projects mainly funded in Belgium and Africa
    • Projects funded around construction, education, and environment
value creation model

Sustainability & ESG

Sustainability & ESG

BESIX Group recognises the importance of sustainability and its social and environmental impact on its stakeholders, including clients and employees, and the communities in which it operates. The Group is committed to demonstrating its Sustainability & ESG approach by engaging with its stakeholders, providing clear information on its sustainability efforts, and integrating sustainability into its group processes.

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Key Projects

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  • All
  • Buildings
  • Infrastructure
  • Marine works
  • Industry & Logistics
  • Environment
  • Concessions & Assets
  • Real Estate
  • Australian Catholic University Saint Teresa of Kolkata Building (Australia)

    The Australian Catholic University’s (ACU) state-of-the-art Fitzroy campus breathes new life into tertiary education. Be it through its innovative technological features or the unmissable façade inscriptions, this 12-storey tower will offer a divine environment to its students and staff alike.

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  • Atlantis The Royal (UAE)

    In early 2023, the much-anticipated Atlantis The Royal resort was delivered to the client, Atlantis the Palm 2 LLC. This extraordinary project of almost 400,000 m² is one of Dubai’s most unique buildings, both in terms of its architecture and the quality and sophistication of its interior design. From the first day to the last, it has been a particularly demanding project, which BESIX Group’s subsidiary Six Construct and its South Korean partner Ssangyong brilliantly carried out.

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  • Mediavaert (The Netherlands)

    The media heart of the Netherlands is soon to beat in one of the largest hybrid-timber office buildings in the world. An incredible feat in terms of sustainability and innovation.

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  • Deloitte University EMEA (France)

    On behalf of Nexity, BESIX France and its partner Dalkia Smart Building are completing the construction of the new Deloitte University EMEA, located about thirty kilometres to the East of Paris and at a stone’s throw from the Disneyland Paris theme park. This project is extremely ambitious in terms of energy performance and biodiversity and has been designed to obtain five top-class environmental certifications, among which the ‘Biodiversity Excellent’ and ‘BREEAM Excellent’ validations.

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  • Abidjan Exhibition Centre (Ivory Coast)

    Strategically located next to the Ivory Coast’s Félix Houphouët Boigny International Airport, the new Exhibition Centre in Abidjan is set to host its first visitors in the second quarter of 2023. BESIX was commissioned by PFO Africa, the leading construction company in Ivory Coast, and started works in 2021. BESIX’s participation includes the design, manufacture, transport, and installation of a three-dimensional 37-metre-high metal structure. BESIX has also carried out the concrete shell and the installation of the roof.

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  • Zayed National Museum (UAE)

    The Zayed National Museum is being developed by the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority and is a tribute to the country’s founding father, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. It will showcase the life and legacy of Sheikh Zayed and the history of the United Arab Emirates. The museum will illustrate the cultural, social, and political transformation of the country over the past several decades.

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  • Oosterweel junction (Belgium)

    What started out as an idea to reorganise the Antwerp Ring Road with a viaduct, has transformed over the years from an infrastructure project to a mobility project, to a quality-of-life project. The Oosterweel project will make Antwerp an accessible, healthy and above all liveable city. BESIX Group is enormously proud to help build this site of the future.

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  • Sydney Metro Barangaroo Station (Australia)

    Located in the heart of Sydney, Sydney Metro Barangaroo Station will be one of the flagship destinations of the city’s new metro line and is part of Australia’s biggest public transport project. BESIX Watpac is responsible for the construction, fit-out and testing and commissioning of the new underground station including the platforms, lifts and escalators, the northern entrance and public domain works.

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  • A16 De Groene Boog (The Netherlands)

    In northern Rotterdam, BESIX is participating in the A16 project as part of the ‘De Groene Boog’ consortium. It includes connecting the existing A16 and A13 by constructing a new motorway. This new 11-kilometre-long A16 will be the world’s first energy-neutral motorway with a tunnel and will significantly improve the accessibility of Rotterdam. Sustainable, innovative and a perfect fit in the environment, that’s what A16 is about.

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  • Rail Baltica (Latvia)

    Rail Baltica is a significant infrastructure project that aims to develop a high-speed rail network linking the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania with the European Union for both passenger and freight transportation purposes. The Rail Baltica project entails the construction of an 870-kilometre-long railway line that will run from Tallinn in Estonia through Riga in Latvia to Kaunas in Lithuania. It will then connect with the existing European rail network.

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  • Ras Laffan Construction and Rehabilitation Packages (UAE)

    BESIX Middle East via MIC Construct is conducting important marine works in the world’s largest LNG operations centre located in Ras Laffan Petrochemical Industrial City, about 80 kilometres from Doha, Qatar. As a company with extensive expertise in constructing near-shore facilities and port installations, MIC Construct has been selected to carry out the construction of four LNG loading berths and repairs on five dolphins at the Port of Ras Laffan.

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  • Banksia (Australia)

    BESIX Watpac commenced construction works in 2022 following an extensive Early Contractor Involvement phase. Once complete, Project Banksia will deliver a state-of-the-art facility that uses innovative cell-based technology to produce influenza vaccines for use in both influenza pandemics and seasonal vaccination programmes. This centre represents a renewed commitment towards public health in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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  • Mamer wastewater treatment plant (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg)

    BESIX Environment and LuxTP are currently modernising the electromechanical installations of the Mamer wastewater treatment plant. By implementing modern technologies, the plant’s capacity and efficiency are significantly improved. In addition, a biogas production unit is installed that will produce green electricity and heat from the plant’s sewage sludge.

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  • Ajman Sludge-to-Energy (UAE)

    In the spring of 2022, BESIX Middle East‘s flagship Sludge-to-Energy project in the Emirate of Ajman has successfully passed performance and reliability tests. Designed and built by BESIX Middle East for Ajman Sewerage (Private) Company Limited (ASPCL), the facility transforms what was previously considered a waste stream - sewage sludge - into a valuable source of sustainable energy.

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  • Waste-to-Energy (UAE)

    In Dubai, BESIX and Hitachi Zosen Inova are currently realising one of the world’s largest and technically most advanced waste-to-energy facilities. With a capacity of up to 200 MW of electricity produced from municipal waste, the project plays a key role in Dubai’s 2050 Clean Energy Strategy and its goal of zero waste to landfill by 2030. Next to the construction, BESIX and HZI participated in the conceptualisation, design, and financing of the plant and will co-manage its operations and maintenance for 35 years.

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  • Zayed City Schools (UAE)

    The Abu Dhabi Investment Office, in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge, awarded the contract for the Zayed City Schools public-private partnership project to a consortium led by BESIX and Plenary Group. This project is the UAE’s first public-private partnership in the field of school infrastructure, a pioneering project confirming BESIX’s trusted status as industrial equity provider in the Middle East.

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  • Sluishuis (The Netherlands)

    BESIX RED’s iconic project Sluishuis is a 39,500 m² zero-energy residential building located on the IJ-lake, known as Amsterdam’s waterfront. Commissioned by the Municipality of Amsterdam as part of a tender process, Sluishuis has been co-developed by BESIX RED and Dutch partner VORM and designed by the Danish Architects Bjarke Ingels Group and Dutch BARCODE Architects. The complex construction was entrusted to BESIX Nederland and VORM Bouw.

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  • Matisse (Belgium)

    Matisse is BESIX RED’s newest large-scale mixed-use development in Brussels. With well-being, sustainability, and connectivity at its heart, the project makes a bold statement and offers a comprehensive experience where working, living, and relaxing are combined.

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  • PURE (France)

    With this sustainable office in Lille, BESIX RED consolidates its position on the French real estate market, pursuing its geographical diversification in strategic and dynamic European cities. Designed by the renowned architect Coldefy and the local landscape architect LAND, PURE will feature 8,000 m² of modern offices embracing a concept rooted in the well-being of users.

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Key Figures

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  • Evolution of revenues (IN MEUR)

  • Evolution of order book (IN MEUR)

  • Revenues by region (2022)

    pie1 3,338 MEUR
    • Belgium 42 %
    • The Netherlands, Luxembourg & France 15 %
    • Middle East 14 %
    • Australia 19 %
    • Rest of the world 10 %
  • Order book by region (AT 31/12/2022)

    pie2 5,259 MEUR
    • Belgium 30 %
    • The Netherlands, Luxembourg & France 23 %
    • Middle East 12 %
    • Australia 14 %
    • Rest of the world 21 %
  • Revenues by area of activity (2022)

    pie3 3,338 MEUR
    • Building works 47 %
    • Infrastructure 22 %
    • Marine works 3 %
    • Roads & utilities 10 %
    • Other 18 %
  • Order book by area of activity (AT 31/12/2022)

    pie4 5,259 MEUR
    • Building works 44 %
    • Infrastructure 29 %
    • Marine works 5 %
    • Roads & utilities 9 %
    • Other 13 %

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