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These 12 months, unprecedented in the challenges they imposed on us, demonstrated BESIX Group’s resilience in the difficult first half of the year, and then its great ability to bounce back in the second. We are both proud of this and extremely grateful to the Group’s employees, who have remained true to our values, including excellence, unity and passion.


CEO of BESIX Group

Our healthy financial situation, our diversified activities and our outstanding expertise allow us to look to the future, and in particular to the year 2021, with optimism. In each of our markets, we are ideally positioned to actively participate in the post-Covid-19 recovery and economic upswing, and offer our clients first-class solutions for their projects across the globe.


Chairman of the Board of Directors BESIX Group


Milestones 2020

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  • January 2020

    BESIX 3D sets a record by cladding BESIX-Six Construct’s new headquarters in Dubai (UAE) with the world’s largest 3D printed concrete façade.

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  • February 2020

    Queensland Country Bank Stadium, built by BESIX Watpac, is completed. This Australian stadium is a world-class venue with 25,000 seats.

    See all February milestones
  • March 2020

    With the outbreak of Covid-19, BESIX adapts its ways of working to the safety measures taken by the different authorities and to its own specific risk analysis. In all 27 countries where it is present, BESIX keeps carrying out its missions and demonstrates resilience.

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  • April 2020

    At the Deep Tunnel Storm Water System project in Dubai (UAE), BESIX-Six Construct completes the second tunnel breakthrough. This tunnel complex, designed for rainwater and groundwater, will drain 40 % of Dubai’s urban area.

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  • May 2020

    The waters from the La Mé River flow for the first time into the drinking water treatment plant. BESIX is responsible for carrying out the civil engineering works of the plant that will provide drinking water to 1.5 million Ivorians.

  • June 2020

    Lantis, the authority in charge of the mobility projects in the Antwerp region (Belgium), awards the contract for the construction of the Scheldt tunnel to the JV COTU, composed of BESIX and several partners. This tunnel will be the most important connection element in the Oosterweel link that will close the Antwerp Ring Road.

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  • July 2020

    BESIX Group subsidiary Van den Berg is selected by the Belgian Buildings Agency and Brussels Energy to connect the Laeken Royal Palace and greenhouses to the district heating network fed by the nearby waste incinerator. The objective is to reduce the estate’s ecological footprint and to lower heating costs.

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  • August 2020

    In Dubai (UAE), the first panels of the Uptown Tower’s façade, designed by the experts from BESIX, are put in place. This 340-metre high tower will offer a breathtaking view of Dubai’s waterfront and iconic skyline and will meet the highest environmental standards for high-rise buildings.

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  • September 2020

    For the second BESIX Cleanup Day, BESIX Group colleagues from construction sites and offices all around the world collect 2,000 tons of waste in their communities.

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  • October 2020

    BESIX delivers the thoroughly renovated and upgraded Manhattan building in the Brussels business district to client Victory (Belgium). This office complex was designed and built to meet the highest sustainability standards.

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  • November 2020

    The construction works of the Rail Baltica Central Hub in Riga begin (Latvia). BESIX and its partner can now bring the D&B concept to life, including a new central station building, a major railway bridge and various rail infrastructures. The project aims to integrating the Baltic States in the European rail network.

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  • December 2020

    The first steel elements of the southern bridge are erected on the Vistula Spit project site (Poland). Reinforced concrete works are underway on the northern bridge and the construction of the breakwaters is progressing swiftly.

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Creating value

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  • BESIX Engineering

    BESIX Engineering is the in-house design office of BESIX. It is to a large extent the contribution of the department that enables the group to deliver first-class port terminals, cutting-edge civil engineering works and demanding buildings. The integration of a design office within a construction group, although rare, is a key asset for clients. It enables BESIX to offer tailor-made solutions and optimise projects... Read more

  • Digitalisation

    The history of BESIX has been a history of innovation and pioneering. As a result, the group stands today at the forefront of new technologies in construction. In 2020, BESIX has set new ambitions, in particular to further digitise its construction processes. Through incrementing innovation, the objective is an unprecedented improvement in the efficiency of operations and the sustainability of construction sites. Read more

  • Citizenship & Sustainability

    During the Covid-19 pandemic, BESIX Group worked hard to maintain the continuity of its business and deliver the same level of excellence to its clients, while at the same time, providing a safe work environment for its teams, and adapting to major changes. Like many multinational companies, BESIX Group implemented solutions to secure its sustainable business practices and its operations through the year... Read more

  • People

    Covid-19 has radically changed the playing field, also for people-related matters. Navigating the workplace in 2020 was no simple task. At BESIX, some colleagues were socially isolated. Others had to juggle a fulltime job with caring for elderly parents or young children. Expatriates have been blocked on project sites in remote parts of the world, unable to travel or reunite with their families. Difficult decisions had... Read more


Key projects

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  • All
  • Buildings
  • Infrastructure
  • Marine works
  • Environment
  • Industry & logistics
  • Sports & leisure
  • Concessions & Assets
  • Real estate
  • Manhattan (BEL)

    After 45 years, the iconic Manhattan tower in Brussels needed some tender loving care. Rather than choosing to demolish the building, real estate investor Victory chose BESIX, in a joint venture with Louis De Waele, to not only restore Manhattan to its former glory, but upgrade it to a beacon of sustainability in the capital of Europe. Read the full story

  • Grand Egyptian Museum (EGY)

    It is one of the largest constructions in Egypt since the pyramids. The Grand Egyptian Museum is in fact built in perfect alignment with the three pyramids of Giza, with which it will form an exceptional tourist complex of triangular shape, a stone’s throw from Cairo. It will also be the world’s largest museum dedicated to a single civilisation. Read the full story

  • Dubai Uptown Tower (UAE)

    It will be the first super tall tower in the district and BESIX-Six Construct are responsible for its construction, with a design & build responsibility on the structure & façade. Uptown Tower is a 78-storey eye catcher for Dubai Multi Commodities Center (DMCC) that will be a LEED Gold-certified building, and home to a state-of-the-art DMCC business hub. Read the full story

  • STARS Building (AUS)

    The completion of the much-awaited highly specialised Surgical, Treatment and Rehabilitation Service (STARS) building in a new health precinct in Brisbane, Australia, cements BESIX Watpac’s expertise in building modern health facilities. Read the full story

  • Mohammed VI Tower (MAR)

    Along the Bouregreg river near Rabat, BESIX and Moroccan contractor TGCC are building in joint venture the futuristic centrepiece of an ambitious project. The Mohammed VI tower will eventually rise up to 250 metres. Its construction is going like a rocket, thanks to the team’s experience and agility to face the challenges of a first of its kind project in Morocco. Read the full story

  • Nachtigal hydro-electric project (CAM)

    Covering 30 % of Cameroon’s energy needs: that’s the scope of the Nachtigal Hydro-Electric Project. It will provide a new source of reliable and renewable energy and accelerate the country’s ambitious development goals. To that aim, BESIX is responsible for the design and build of a dam and a 420 MW plant via a public-private partnership. To deliver the electrifying project, the team taps into a wide range of expertise and sets a commendable and inclusive example in terms of safety. Read the full story

  • Bicycle highway F3 (BEL)

    Motorists driving along the Brussels ring road (R0) in 2020 could not miss BESIX working on the final piece of the bicycle highway between Leuven and Brussels, also called the ‘Missing Link’. Read the full story

  • Buitenring parkstad limburg (NED)

    When the Dutch province of Limburg awarded the contract for the outer ring road Buitenring Parkstad Limburg, it had one clear goal in mind: to effectively improve accessibility to and within the former mining region of Parkstad. Read the full story

  • New shipping channel in the gulf of Gdansk (POL)

    In Poland, BESIX is contributing to the construction of a new shipping channel in the gulf of Gdansk. This is a strategic investment for the country, as it will facilitate maritime traffic and give a boost to the local port, employment and the economy. Read the full story

  • Wastewater treatment plant (LUX)

    In September 2020, the wastewater treatment plant in Bous, in the Grand Duchy Of Luxembourg, treated wastewater for the first time in its new facilities. A refurbished plant in which the electromechanical process was installed by the joint venture formed by Lux TP and BESIX Environment. Read the full story

  • Dubai waste-to-energy plant (UAE)

    It will be the largest waste-to-energy plant in the world built in a single phase. Construction began in 2020 and will be completed in a particularly short time, given the scale and complexity of the plant. Read the full story

  • Military vehicle centre of excellence (AUS)

    Completed by BESIX Watpac in stages to provide early access to the most critical facilities, the AU$174 million state-of-the-art Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence (MILVEHCOE) is the most advanced military vehicle manufacturing facility in Australia. Read the full story

  • Gabba stadium (AUS)

    A long and successful partnership with one of Australia’s preeminent sporting venues has reached another milestone with BESIX Watpac completing a major refurbishment of the iconic ‘Gabba’ just in time to host an historic national grand final. Read the full story

  • Local police tower Antwerp (BEL)

    As 2017 was coming to an end, the BESIX team finalising Post X (six passive office buildings) learned they would be staying on site a little while longer. AG Vespa, Antwerp’s independent municipal company responsible for real estate and urban projects, awarded the PPP project to design, build, finance, maintain and operate a new home for the operational and supporting services of the local police force to a consortium in which BESIX would act as contractor. Read the full story

  • Meadow (BEL)

    With the development of the large-scale residential district Meadow, BESIX Red consolidates its position on the Flemish real estate market. The result of a co-creation within BESIX Group, the development covers a completely new district of about 58,000 m² in Herent, next to Leuven (Belgium). Designed by BINST and POLO architects, Meadow offers a diverse range of high-quality and energy-efficient apartments, integrated in a landscaped park. Read the full story

  • Les promenades d’Uccle (BEL)

    In the south-west of Brussels capital region, Les Promenades d’Uccle is taking shape. BESIX Red develops, in collaboration with Belgian partner Matexi a 42,000 m² new residential district on the Engeland plateau in Uccle. In-house company Entreprises Jacques Delens acts as the general contractor for the first phase. Read the full story



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Changing construction market

Changing construction market

The world in which we operate and the construction sector are undergoing profound changes. In response to these changes, BESIX has defined the foundations of its strategy to support its capacity to innovate, maintain a high level of quality, face competition, meet new financial requirements and diversify.

Technological: artificial intelligence, blockchain, augmented reality, 3D printing…
Environmental: energy efficiency, energy neutral, new materials…
Competitive: risk sharing, shrinking margins, talent war…

Strategic drivers & values

6 strategic drivers

  • 01
    Innovation is where our operations are, where each and every one is empowered and supported to carry out the BESIX innovative and entrepreneurial company culture.
  • 02
    Promoting openness towards new ventures
    We have been known for decades for our entrepreneurial spirit. We need to continuously explore and to react positively to new opportunities.
  • 03
    Our Group has unique capabilities and a multiservice offer, meaning we can provide solutions throughout the value chain, from 'develop' to 'operate and maintain'.
  • 04
    It is key for our business to really know our clients, understand their needs and satisfy them to achieve the desired results. Doing this better than our competitors will be a major differentiating aspect.
  • 05
    Our ability to provide a great employee experience in an open community of enthusiastic colleagues is a defining factor in our successes of tomorrow.
  • 06
    This means ‘working light’ by simplifying and harmonizing our internal processes. This can include common choices of tools, organizational formats and resource allocation across the Group.

5 values

  • Excellence
    This takes us straight back to our corporate purpose and trademark: to always excel in what we do.
  • Passion
    We are all passionate about our jobs.
  • Co-creation
    We need to demonstrate this every day, by pooling our minds and skills, and advancing forward.
  • Unity
    Despite the size of our company, there is an attitude where colleagues stand up for each other and are ready to lend an extra hand to help others succeed.
  • Respect
    Respect is all about attitude. It
    is vital to create an atmosphere of
    comfort and trust for everyone.



“Excel in creating sustainable solutions for a better world”.

This mission gives our actions a goal that goes far beyond profit. It is pivotal, inspiring our decisions and actions based on a simple question: what kind of future do we want and how do we make it happen?
By encouraging new ideas, assuming our responsibilities in a proactive way and by excelling in all of our initiatives, we believe that we can help bring about positive change – economic, societal and environmental.


Key figures

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  • Evolution of revenues (IN MEUR)

  • Evolution of order book (IN MEUR)

  • Revenues by region (2020)

    pie1 2,759 MEUR
    • Belgium 41.7%
    • The Netherlands, Luxembourg & France 13.5%
    • Middle East 15.1%
    • Australia 20.1%
    • Rest of the world 9.6%
  • Order book by region (AT 31/12/2020)

    pie2 4,224 MEUR
    • Belgium 38.6%
    • The Netherlands, Luxembourg & France 20.4%
    • Middle East 13.2%
    • Australia 12.5%
    • Rest of the world 15.3%
  • Revenues by area of activity (2020)

    pie3 2,759 MEUR
    • Building 56.5%
    • Infrastructure 18.8%
    • Roads & utilities 7.9%
    • Marine works 3.8%
    • Other 13.1%
  • Order book by area of activity (AT 31/12/2020)

    pie4 4,224 MEUR
    • Building 49.2 %
    • Infrastructure 31.7 %
    • Roads & utilities 9.9%
    • Marine works 5.1%
    • Other 4.0 %

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