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We are confident in our group’s ability to overcome the challenges that this crisis imposes. In addition to our employees, we can rely on our clear strategy, our sense of entrepreneurship, as well as our financial health and operational expertise.


CEO of BESIX Group

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We have always been curious to experiment, to dare and to be innovative; often having the courage to do what no one else had ever done before us. The year 2019 again provides multiple examples, as evidenced in this Activity Report.


Chairman of the Board of Directors BESIX Group

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Milestones 2019

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  • January

    DMCC awards Uptown Dubai Super Tall Tower Construction Contract to Six Construct. The 339 metre-high, 78-storey will provide breath-taking views of Dubai’s waterfront and iconic skyline.

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  • February

    BESIX Nederland colleagues move into their new ‘smart’ headquarters in Dordrecht (The Netherlands). Thanks to the interconnection of energy, telecommunication, technology and other systems, this smart building can connect mass of data and draw useful conclusions.

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  • March

    BESIX anchors itself in the future with the French pavilion for Expo Dubai 2020. The “Pavillon France” is a 5,100m2 futuristic work designed around the theme of light.

  • April

    BESIX opens its 3D Concrete Printing Lab in Dubai (UAE).

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  • May

    The Refuse-Derived Fuel Facility in Umm Al Quwain (UAE) reaches financial close. This plant will treat 1,000 tonnes of municipal waste per day and convert it into RDF.

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  • June

    BESIX is awarded the Rail Baltica Central Station project, including the design and construction of the Riga passenger station, the railway bridge over the Daugava river and the railway embankments.

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  • July

    BESIX installs first Clean Air Panels on a pilot project basis along a service road used for the construction of the future N434, a road infrastructure project of the Province of South Holland in The Netherlands.

  • August

    BESIX wins LNG berth marine structure project in Kitimat, British Columbia (Canada). Works include the construction of a 500-meter-long quay wall, an LNG platform and all associated mooring and berthing structures.

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  • September

    Inauguration of the Crown Princess Mary´s Bridge over the Roskilde Fjord in Denmark, completed three months ahead of schedule.

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  • October

    BESIX and NDI GROUP are awarded the contract to build a shipping channel through the Vistula Spit peninsula, in Poland. Works include breakwaters, quays, a channel, lock infrastructure with rotating bridges and sluice gates, buildings and roads, as well as an artificial island.

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  • November

    BESIX opens its first A-STAY hotel, located in Antwerp (Belgium).

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  • December

    BESIX RED delivers the new global headquarters of FERRERO International Agribusiness Group, right next to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg international airport.

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Creating value

  • Value engineering

    With over 200 employees in Brussels, Dubai and Brisbane, BESIX Engineering was able to contribute to countless exciting projects in 2019, including the energy-neutral tunnel on Rotterdam’s new ring road, the prestigious Mohammed VI Tower in Morocco and the LNG terminal in Mozambique, a unique marine engineering project. Read more

  • Innovation

    It is in BESIX’s culture to promote innovation. In recent years, the group has developed new initiatives in this field: an innovation competition, an acceleration programme for start-ups, cutting-edge solutions that it creates with external partners. These initiatives aim to expose BESIX to new ideas and give the group the opportunity to adopt them early. Smart buildings, 3D printing, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence … Read more

  • Citizenship & Sustainability

    In 2019, BESIX gave concrete shape to its corporate purpose by defining ‘planetary’ ambitions at group level. it aims to provide a clear direction for the sustainability activities that have been initiated over the last 10 years by the different entities of the Group. Such truly impactful measures will enable BESIX to make a contribution to the benefit of the planet and its inhabitants. Read more

  • Our People

    BESIX has always hired talented, passionate and creative employees, mainly thanks to a strong corporate culture where innovation, environmental awareness, high safety standards and quality of life are central and applicable anywhere in the world. In 2019, to bring this further to the fore, BESIX introduced the ‘#We care’ strategy. Read more

Key projects

  • All
  • Buildings
  • Infrastructure
  • Marine works
  • Environment
  • Industry & logistics
  • Sports & leisure
  • Concessions & Assets
  • Real estate
  • Smart Building Dordrecht (NDL)

    In 2019, BESIX Nederland moved into its new headquarters in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. The new building - a unique creation by BESIX - is equipped with many advanced technologies for energy management and efficiency, sustainability, comfort and security. Read more

  • Masdar Institute Neighbourhood (UAE)

    Masdar Institute Neighbourhood is a housing project completed by Six Construct in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi’s sustainable city. It aims to create a sustainable, compact and walkable mixed-use district. The project has been praised for its high efficiency and sustainability. Read more

  • Aalter-Beernem (BEL)

    The Ostend-Ghent-Brussels railway line is one of the busiest in Belgium. To improve the line’s efficiency, Infrabel has decided to increase from two to four the number of tracks between Ghent and Bruges. BESIX, BESIX Infra and Van den Berg work as equal partners on this project, each with its own speciality. Read more

  • Leopold II tunnel (BEL)

    The Leopold II tunnel is Belgium’s longest traffic tunnel connecting western motorways with the centre of Brussels. Over the years it had become obsolete, and a thorough renovation was the only option. Brussels Mobility awarded the contract to the CIRCUL 2020 consortium, consisting of BESIX, Jan De Nul and Engie-Fabricom. Read more

  • Shindagha Bridge (UAE)

    The Shindagha Bridge is an infrastructure project launched by the Dubai Road and Transport Authority (RTA) to improve the city’s traffic flow and safety. The bridge will have the capacity to accommodate a staggering 12,000 vehicles per hour in each direction. Read more

  • Duqm berthing facilities (OMN)

    Six Construct and Royal Boskalis Westminster partnered in a consortium to build two dual berth jetties and a quay wall for giant liquid bulk tankers in the port of Duqm, Oman. It entailed the re-flooding of the port after the construction site was sealed off from the sea by a sand dam and pumped dry. Read more

  • Zeebrugge quay wall (BEL)

    BESIX is building a 1,071-metre-long quay wall on the Southern Canal Dock in the inner harbor of the port of Zeebrugge. It is the last missing piece of quay which will connect the Bastogne quay and the return quay at the dock end. Once finished, it will be the largest dock in the port of Zeebrugge. Read more

  • La Mé Water Treatment Plant (CIV)

    BESIX is building one of West Africa’s largest drinking water treatment plants in Ivory Coast. The plant will collect water from the La Mé river and treat it. The La Mé plant will improve Abidjan’s drinking water deficit, currently standing at 33% in this city home to one fifth of the country’s population. Read more

  • Three locks (BEL)

    BESIX is helping modernise pumping stations and gantry cranes at three lock sites on the Charleroi-Brussels canal in Belgium. By the end of 2020, the locks at Viesville, Gosselies and Marchienne-au-Pont will each be fitted with ultra-modern equipment, with as little hindrance as possible to river traffic. Read more

  • Brucargo transshipment building (BEL)

    BESIX is building a new transshipment building on the Brussels Airport Brucargo site. The gigantic project consists of three sheds and three associated office units, together representing more than 60,000 m². It also includes all roads and sewerage under and around the building. Read more

  • Al Janoub Stadium (QAT)

    BESIX designed and built the Al Janoub Stadium (formerly known as Al Wakrah Stadium). The ultra-modern arena ranks amongst the world’s most sustainable stadiums and was completed early 2019 and inaugurated on 16 may 2019 by hosting the Amir cup final. Read more

  • Queensland Country Bank Stadium (AUS)

    The Queensland Country Bank Stadium was handed over by Watpac in early 2020. Boasting world-class amenities for fans and players alike, the stadium can host up to 25,000 people on game day and accommodate up to 40,000 patrons in the stands and on the field of play in concert mode. Read more

  • A16 Rotterdam (NDL)

    The consortium “De Groene Boog” has been awarded the contract to design, build, pre-finance and maintain the A16-project in the Rotterdam region. It is the world’s first energy-neutral highway and will dramatically improve access to the region. The contract also includes a twenty-year maintenance period. Read more

  • Emirates RDF (UAE)

    BESIX is building a waste recovery plant in Umm al Quwain. The plant will convert up to 1,200 tonnes of household waste a day into Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF). Hence, 90% of household waste from the emirates of Umm al Quwain and Ajman, previously landfilled, will be recovered. Read more

  • Ajman Sewerage – ASPCL (UAE)

    As the first PPP in the Middle East in this field, ASPCL built Ajman’s entire wastewater collection network and treatment facilities. This new investment will enable the wastewater treatment plant to generate electricity using the biogas produced by the wastewater treatment processes, again a first in the region. Read more

  • Sluishuis (NDL)

    BESIX is building Sluishuis, a 39,000 m² residential development on the IJ-bay in Amsterdam. This technically challenging project is entirely built on water. It will create a new living experience in Amsterdam, offering 442 energy-neutral apartments, 34 houseboat lots and 54 berths for pleasure crafts. Read more

  • ICONE Belval (LUX)

    ICONE Belval is an 18,800 m² office building in the GD of Luxembourg. It provides a high level of comfort while maximising the users’ performances and productivity. Considered as one of the most ambitious urban projects in Europe, it is an example of the revitalisation of an industrial zone into a new city quarter. Read more


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Changing construction market

The world in which we operate and the construction sector are undergoing profound changes. In response to these changes, BESIX has defined the foundations of its strategy to support its capacity to innovate, maintain a high level of quality, face competition, meet new financial requirements and diversify.

Technological: artificial intelligence, blockchain, augmented reality, 3D printing…
Environmental: energy efficiency, energy neutral, new materials…
Competitive: risk sharing, shrinking margins, talent war…

Strategic drivers & values

6 strategic drivers

    We are ready to experiment. We are already running our ‘Unleash’ innovation program, as well as our own Start-Ups Accelerator.
    We have been known for decades for our entrepreneurial spirit. We need to continuously explore and to react positively to new opportunities.
    Our Group has unique capabilities and a multiservice offer, meaning we can provide solutions throughout the value chain, from “develop” to “operate and maintain”.
    It is key for our business to really know our clients, understand their needs and satisfy them to achieve the desired results. Doing this better than our competitors will be a major differentiating aspect.
    Our ability to provide a great employee experience in an open community of enthusiastic colleagues is a defining factor in our successes of tomorrow.
    This means ‘working light’ by simplifying and harmonizing our internal processes. This can include common choices of tools, organizational formats and resource allocation across the Group.

5 values

  • Excellence
    This takes us straight back to our corporate purpose and trademark: to always excel in what we do.
  • Passion
    We are all passionate about our jobs.
  • Co-creation
    We need to demonstrate this every day, by pooling our minds and skills, and advancing forward.
  • Unity
    As the proverb goes: “alone we are smart, together we are brilliant”. Despite the size of our company, there is an attitude where colleagues stand up for each other and are ready to lend an extra hand to help others succeed.
  • Respect
    Respect is treating others as you want to be treated. Respect is all about attitude. It is vital to create an atmosphere of comfort and trust for everyone.


“Excel in creating sustainable solutions for a better world”.

This mission gives our actions a goal that goes far beyond profit. It is pivotal, inspiring our decisions and actions based on a simple question: what kind of future do we want and how do we make it happen?
By encouraging new ideas, assuming our responsibilities in a proactive way and by excelling in all of our initiatives, we believe that we can help bring about positive change – economic, societal and environmental.

Key figures

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  • Evolution of revenues (IN MEUR)

    Graph 1
  • Evolution of order book (IN MEUR)

    Graph 2
  • Revenues by region (2019)

    pie1 3,332 MEUR
    • Belgium 36 %
    • Middle East 17 %
    • The Netherlands, Luxembourg & France 12 %
    • Australia 28 %
    • Rest of the world 7 %
  • Order book by region (AT 31/12/2019)

    pie3 4,794 MEUR
    • Europe 30 %
    • International 15 %
    • Middle East 18 %
    • Australia 17 %
    • Regional contractors 20 %
  • Revenues by area of expertise (2019)

    pie2 3,332 MEUR
    • Buildings 65 %
    • Civil works 16 %
    • Marine works 4 %
    • Foundations 5 %
    • Environmental works 2 %
    • Other (cabling and infra) 6 %
    • Quarries / concrete 2 %
  • Order book by area of expertise (AT 31/12/2019)

    pie4 4,794 MEUR
    • Buildings 58 %
    • Civil works 28 %
    • Environmental 1 %
    • Marine works 7 %
    • Foundations 1 %
    • Other 5 %

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